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Smacked Cucumber Salad

This week, I’m smacking cucumbers! Forget posh finger-cut sandwiches and add some heat to your 🥒

The Sichuan dressing, it’s one of my favourites! The Sichuan people adore their namesake peppercorn as it allows them to handle more chilli heat, a flavour they revere even more. I find it to be such an addictive flavour and one I crave weekly, if not daily! Food that wakes your mouth up and gives you a feeling like all is well in the world. Yes, I know we are talking about a salad and a regional cuisine here but that’s the power of food.

I am currently reading a book about Anthony Bourdain and when asked for the best hangover cure, he recommends, “drink a cold Coca-Cola, and eat some spicy Sichuan food.” Happy to be prescribed that medicine.

The second salad is straight out the jar! Smack your cucumbers, salt them generously, scoop a couple tbs’s of your favourite crispy chili oil with a drizzle of tahini and spray it with fresh lime! So easy and definitely a smack in the mouth!

See you next week for something.


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