Where can I find nutritional information?

Unfortunately, we do not have the nutritional and calorie information for our salads available as we have not yet had our food scientifically tested. Caloric testing is something we plan to do in the near future, as we understand it plays an important role in the customer’s decision making. In the mean-time, our team will always be happy to help tailor your bowl to your preference, such as substituting specific ingredients like for like, or offering dressing on the side.

Do you offer corporate delivery?

Yes! We offer corporate delivery for orders over €100. The easiest way to place an order is through our platform linked below.
Please email for assistance or if you have any questions.

Where can I find your suppliers?

Information about our central food production and suppliers can be found on our ‘Food Ethos’ page linked below.

Do you share your recipes online?

Yes, we share full recipes for our in-store menu items and other original recipes for you to try at home in our cookbook ‘Saladology’, available in all our restaurants, on our digital order channels and in all good bookstores. We also post regular recipe videos on our website or Instagram.
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How can I apply to work at Sprout?

We have a rolling recruitment process which means you can express your interest in careers at Sprout at any time through the link below.

Can I reserve a table at Sprout?

Unfortunately not as we have limited seating in our restaurants which are available as first come first serve. We offer indoor seating in all of our locations except Ballsbridge and Sir John Rogerson’s Quay.

Are your restaurants accessible?

Our Kildare Village, Camden Street, and Baggot Street locations are fully accessible for take-out and sit in and have an accessible WC.

Do you accept cash?

Our Dublin restaurants are cashless to protect our customers, our team and to ensure fast service.

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