Our Food Ethos

Healthy, Seasonal, Local

We care deeply about every ingredient that goes into our food. We believe that food grown locally is tastier. For us, healthy means fresh. Food as it was intended. Going the extra mile means, in fact, not going any extra miles at all. There are easier ways to do things, sure, but we’ve committed to taking the harder path and believe with each year, we are proving it’s a worthwhile route to take.

Read on for more information on how we supply and source our food.

Leaves – The Sprout Farm, Rathcoffey, Co.Kildare

We source our green leaves throughout the Irish growing season from our very own farm in Rathcoffey, Co.Kildare, founded in 2018. Our customers get to eat their greens within 24 hours of being picked. Our teams begin again every morning washing and prepping the farm’s produce which forms the striking green base of our dishes.


Sauces, Dressings, Marinades, Pickles & Toppers – The Sprout Central Production Unit

We like making our products from scratch. Our Central Kitchen operates behind our Dawson Street restaurant 6 days a week, where a dedicated team make everything from our best-loved paprika yoghurt and satay sauce, to fresh hummus, to our everything bagel crunch topper.

Chicken – Manor Farm

Manor Farm chicken is fully traceable back to the farm on which it was reared, which are all located in the Republic of Ireland. Their Standard Chickens are fed the highest quality feed that is produced in their own feed mill, located in Shercock, Co. Cavan. The Sprout & Co team prepare and roast chicken fresh every day in the restaurants with our homemade marinades and cooking them perfectly for your enjoyment that day.


Vegetables, Grains, Proteins and Extras

We are proud to partner with Musgraves and Keelings to supply everything else that goes into our food at Sprout & Co throughout the year, including leaves outside the Irish season. Like us, these are proud family businesses with a focus on sourcing locally and providing the freshest food possible to their customers.


Sweet treats

Everything is good in moderation! We are proud to offer and partner with Irish food brands to supply our sweet treats in store. Founded by brothers, we’ve invited some sisters into the family, proudly supporting female food founders. You can find Nutshed and Deliciously Ella products at many of our tills, and we are delighted to be part of Fable Bakery’s journey who share our CPU and operate the best coffee and baked goods around from our restaurant on Dawson Street.