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Grilled Miso Trout & Pickled Noodle Salad

This week, I made miso grilled trout with a pickled noodle salad.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that originally I came up with this idea with salmon on my mind. But then I thought ‘Hey, why not use trout instead?’ It’s less popular, and less fished but no lesser than salmon. In fact, I believe it to be nicer than salmon, more delicate, and lighter in flavour.

I adore good fish, matter fact I’d take the best fish dish over the best meat dish any day of the week. Lately, I’ve been reading the whole fish cookbook by an Australian chef Mr. Niland. It’s very inspiring and helpful if you want a better understanding of how to treat, cook and store fish. Sadly, many of the butchery techniques I’ll never have the time to master or even attempt. But the innovation is mesmerising, check him out.

Back to Dublin, I marched around the city centre to no less than 3 fishmongers before I could find a side of trout worthy of my kitchen.

And not to get all political here, but selfishly I would love more access to a wide variety of fish local to Ireland. Trout, pollack, or gurnard to name a few would sit nicely alongside the usuals you see at the fish counter. The only way I see this changing is by asking your fishmonger. If you ask, they’ll see a market for it, and you shall receive. My two cents, any other ideas?

In this recipe, the miso marinade caramelises so beautifully on the belly of the trout in just 6 swift minutes under the hot grill or broiler for our American subscribers. My god, it’s delicious. Don’t be tempted to cook it for longer. The best fish for me are flaky, soft, melty, and only just cooked through.

One of my favourite ways to eat. Give it a go, speak to your fishmonger

Theo x

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