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Charred Pepper & Tofu

Welcome to episode one of Smacked, Pickled, & Charred.

Starting off this series in a new setting, at home in my kitchen. My happy place where I do my best thinking, cooking, and eating.

Charred Pepper + Tofu Salad! I know what you are thinking… “Tofu as episode one? It has no flavour; are you nuts Theo?” The answer is yes, yes, I am. But trust me! In this salad you get two sauces, a tangy soya vinaigrette and lightly toasted pine nuts are finished in a warm brown butter and fresh lime dressing. Best eaten with a spoon, you want to catch all the saucy elements in one bite!

One that could be done on the BBQ, oven, gas hob or if you’re feeling resourceful with a jar of roasted peppers seeped in olive oil.

Let me know if you make it,

Theo x

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