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BLT Salad

On this week’s ep of Smacked, Pickled & Charred, I’m making a BLT salad!

There is very little hiding when making such a classic, if you want the best experience, get the best ingredients, treat them well, and eat them. It’s that simple.

Whilst Caesar and BLT aren’t a classic match, it’s not too far of a stretch. I wanted to show that Caesar isn’t just for its namesake salad. It can go over many salads, but also just as an elite spread on a sandwich, tossed through boiled potatoes, or as a delicious dip with a cracker. The mother of all dressings in my opinion.

As always, let me know if you make it. Next week I’ll be cooking a summery miso rainbow trout with a pickled noodle salad. See you then!

Theo x

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